Our History

Phoenix Innoplast

Devanture Phoenix Innoplast

The company PHOENIX INNOPLAST was born from the takeover of the company SKLOP PLASTIC INNOVATION by the former sales manager and the former production manager of the company SKLOP, as well as an external partner, on January 2, 2006. PHOENIX INNOPLAST took over the goodwill of the former company, as well as the production tool for plastic injection.

At the beginning of 2007, we also bought part of the old mechanical workshop, which gives us the possibility of carrying out mold maintenance, mainly in-house, and the possibility of creating certain molds without calling on external service providers.

At the end of 2006, the company moved to its new site, in the Lanneretonne artisanal zone in Oloron-Sainte-Marie.

PHOENIX INNOPLAST then reoriented itself towards the development and management of new projects as well as the HEXA brand. Since 2007, we have a design office with two work stations, equipped with a CAD for the design and construction of parts and molds. The mission of the design office is multiple: collaboration with the design office of our customers, design of molds, creation and design of new products, study and research on innovative subjects.

Thanks to the history of the company SKLOP (before the takeover in 2006) with long-standing experience in flexible materials for shoe soles, we have been able to maintain special skills in the design and manufacture of these materials (thermoplastic elastomers) The manufacturing processes correspond to the classic processes of the transformation of plastics ; the injection of different polymer and elastomer materials with injection presses.

We also take care of certain finishes of plastic parts: assembly, painting, drilling, packaging, etc.
Our main suppliers are plastics manufacturers in France and Europe as well as specialists for additives and colorants. Our re-orientation at the start of our activity, focusing on development, allows us to offer a wide spectrum of services with the aim of offering our customers a "turnkey" service.


Our Philosophy

As our history indicates, our company comes from an old company that has worked for a very long time in the design, conception and manufacture of shoe soles. From this comes our expertise in elastomers as well as overmolding and our taste for creation and design.

Our origins have consolidated our desire to create and become more involved in projects ; ours and those of our partners.

We still see ourselves more as a partner than a service provider or subcontractor. The win-win phrase is not just an empty phrase for us but is filled with real meaning.

Our goal is to make our partner win! This is how we give meaning to our work and we ensure the development of our company.


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